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There is an old saying: change is difficult. This may be true, but it is also true that change can be rewarding, enlightening, and even enjoyable to pursue. 

Pastoral Counseling is a way for two people to work together to find relief from what troubles you and a clearer and more comfortable sense of who you are. It is similar to psychotherapy, yet can integrate religious and/or spiritual practices such as meditation, contemplative focusing, prayer, and reflective readings. 

Pastoral Counseling places particular focus on helping us reflect on and better understand how and where we find meaning in our lives ~ is it in our relationships? creative endeavors? our spiritual path? being part of the shared history of a people? Often what saddens us or causes us emotional pain is closely related to where we are having problems connecting with how we find and nurture meaning in our lives.

There seem to be three main reasons why people come to Pastoral Counseling: problems with depression/sadness, discomfort related to anxiety, and concerns related to difficult-to-control behaviors like substance use, anger, and eating-related problems. All of these also connect with how we are nurturing meaning in our lives.  

The problems that bring us to Pastoral Counseling are painful, yet can also be the signals that invite you to move forward. Spend time with another person caring for yourself and looking at the big problems in your life, and you may discover a greater understanding of how you want to live, moment-by-moment, day-by-day...

last updated June, 2017